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Event First Aid Cover

First-Aid-CoverAre you organising a village fete or a show in a theatre? How about an art exhibition where the artists are using chain saws to make art? Or are you organising a multi-day, mega-mileage ultra marathon?

Well whatever you are organising you may very well need some first aid cover for your event. Usually nothing happens and you’re absolutely fine, but you know what the wonderful general public are like! Someone might slip with their chainsaw whilst carving a stallion from a tree or one might have a heart attack when they realise they’ve won the raffle.

Get some proper and professional cover from us and give yourself peace of mind. I still work with serving paramedics that jump at the chance of coming along to a fete and having a cream tea. Plus we get to get in your local parish magazine if we save someone’s life!

Give us a call or drop us a line to see if we can help you out (as long as there’s cream tea)

The Great British Bake Off

Mary Berry and Andy Willcox of Premedic First Aid Training

Mary Berry and Andy Willcox of Premedic First Aid Training

We are delighted to have been the first aid cover provider for the best programme on the BBC, The Great British Bake Off.

We have just filmed the first episode of series four and it was very eventful I can tell you. The producers were very glad that I was on hand. Look out for me in the first episode, as I’m sure I will be in it quite a bit.

I even made it into the Daily Mail plastering contestants fingers up.



The Premedic team at the finish line of the 100 mile run

The Premedic team at the finish line of the 100 mile run

100 Mile Run Ultra Marathon

This year we provided medical cover for a new ultra marathon event. It was a 100 mile run all along the Cotswold Way from Chipping Campden into Bath over four days. We had to devise a strategic plan to ensure that a medic was on every check point throughout the race and that we were always never far away from each runner. We had a few injuries to deal with, but it was a great event where we met a lovely bunch of people. Get in touch if you need this level of cover for your event. Also find out more about next years run at www.100milerun.co.uk. Hope to see you there!


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