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About Us

About-Us-3Not enough people know how to save lives. We used to arrive at cardiac arrests on the ambualnce to see a group of people just stood around. I wanted to change that.

I called my first aid training company Premedic as it perfectly describes what you will be once you have been on one of our courses. You will be a “Pre-Medic” because you are the one saving the life before the medics get to your patient.

I absolutely love being a first aid training provider, teaching lifesaving and first aid to you. Mostly because of my previous career with the ambulance service. I worked in Bath and Bristol with some of the best people in the world. I even met my wife in A&E, so just like the TV programme Casualty (but they never seem to work night shifts in Holby!)

Time after time I would attend 999 calls where not one person knew how to help the patient. Did you know that 150,000 people die per year in the UK because the people around them didn’t know any first aid? Pretty scary eh?

What Makes a Good First Aid Provider/Trainer?

It takes a certain type of person to be a good trainer. Firstly, you need to know your stuff and have experience in it, surely? Secondly, you need to be able to communicate with all different walks of life. And finally, you need to keep the group interested and make them really enjoy what you are presenting by delivering it with confidence and enthusiasm. By doing this, you as the delegate will learn so much more because you are relaxed and enjoying being there.

Unfortunately, first aid courses always have had a stigma of being boring and dull as the beginning of our homepage video pays homage to! My first aid courses are the complete opposite which you will see from the “What Our Customers Say” page.

Every topic that we cover on the course I have dealt with in my time with the ambulance service. So I have first-hand experience in dealing with it all. Most trainers haven’t.

How Else Can I Help You?

There are two main things that I am really passionate about. The first is defibrillators, which is the only thing to save you in a cardiac arrest. I want to see these everywhere as any member of the public can use one and your workplace or school should have one which we can provide. Secondly, kids in schools being taught first aid. That is why I started Junior Paramedics, a first aid programme for schools or clubs, for kids to learn how to save your life. Please take a look at this on the courses page.

As well as being a leading first aid training provider, I also am available for public speaking or after dinner speeches. I have some truly amazing and funny stories from over the years after dealing with the fantastic general public.

So when you are booking a first aid course, either for yourself or for your staff, you will want the best won’t you? You will want to know that you or your staff will spring into action with confidence when the time calls. You will want to learn loads of lifesaving skills and at the same time enjoy being on the course. You will want to be confident that when that accident happens at home or at work, then that person will be looked after and saved.

Look no further. You won’t get a better course anywhere else and hopefully this website conveys that.

I really hope to see you or your team soon. Call us now on 01225 285 061 to arrange your course.


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